Friday, April 20, 2007

Eat, Drink, Overflow Your Bookmarks

I haven't completely adapted to the new math of my blogging. I'm group blogging over at Women of Mystery, which I continue to flog for obvious and silly reasons. But that's not really the place for the odd, thematic collections of pages I somehow continue saving. Here's where I've learned to unburden myself of those items, and still find myself enjoying it. Onto the goodies.

1) A food writer realizes he has a disposition towards gout and sky-high cholesterol right before he goes on a week-long exploration of Edwardian eating: formal dress, 5 viscous and multi-coursed meals a day, no liquid but hooch and coffee. For once, a supersizing experiment with class and pedigree, until he describes the digestive effects, that is.

2) Just because I like the phrase, read how binging tipplers may benefit from a "liver holiday".

3) The Celebrity Weighing Scale doesn't bother you with all those confusing digits. Rather, it supplies your notoriety coefficient in mass. Do you weigh as much as Goldie Hawn or Mr. Ed, Trump's Combover or Yoda? Cheap at $34.95.

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