Thursday, February 01, 2007

Joining the Club While On the Road

I'm currently in Ventura County, California. I've been visiting family and risking my life on Grimes Canyon Road, but today I'll be flying out to Seattle for the Left Coast Crime convention of mystery writers, fans, adoring hangers-on (as if).

Here's an article about the doings with links to the conference homepage.

Now, Ann Althouse and her 7,000 daily visitors have switched over to the new Blogger and hate it, too. Perhaps, there'll be some fixes forthcoming now? Right. But here's the poop on this crap from a big, reputable blawg who's having different, but equally or more annoying, problems from mine. Here are her several posts, ugly links because I don't have time for the HTML today and because, as she puts it-

New Blogger is Driving Me Crazy

I Hate Blogger

You Might Be in Blogger Hell if...

Don't be fooled by the puny number of commenters, more like this site's than hers. It's another part that's broken.

Enjoy your weekend. I'll be Reading in the Rain!

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