Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Not-Fake Ubercute Tiger Cub Story

Bottom AP photo by Achmad Ibrahim- don't sue, please.

As you may recall, I've highlighted the fake grieving-tiger-raising-disguised-piglets-in-California story, which turns out to be the case of some well-meaning folks subverting natural wild animal behavior. The Thai tiger in question there was raised with and by pigs, so that plunking some into its cage later didn't excite predatory behavior.

I'm happy to report that the following story generating seriously cute tiger pictures seems authentic, well, depending how much one trusts the AP, but it does feel more likely.

Within an Indonesian zoo nursery, very young tiger twins have bonded with 5-month old orangutans. We can enjoy the unusual sight with the knowledge that the animals aren't being made vulnerable by the early contact since they'll live in habitation, also knowing they'll be separated by the time the cubs reach 3 months of age, about the time they'd start eating meat. For now, it's very sweet.

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Anonymous said...

I love these little guys - also like your neologism "├╝bercute" - I love stories like this - keep it up! The Scrivener