Friday, November 10, 2006

Lobsters in Hancuffs, You Say? Count Me In!

Sadly, this isn't a rescue mission. It's foreplay. Image via Details below.

Thank Jah and Java, very late last night, I reached the approximate end of another, entirely hairy-legged manuscript process, and I rewarded myself by watching the Addams Family movie (with cupcake accompaniment). Raul Julia is so adorable as Gomez, and even though Angelica Huston's upper lip seemed to have a lipstick migration issue, I just adore the ambiance, attitude, and visual sensibility.

"Let's play Wake the Dead!....Great aunt Lavinia was beheaded by her own children! Yayyyyy!"

However, let's say your bag runs to lobsters in handcuffs. Why you'll be envious to know I'm racing to get on my way here! Let's see, is there anything more I can share with a fire at my hinders?

Of course, I've got it. Thanks to April, it's only the best and worst news story ever-
Just because this Russian tournament involves rafting on inflatable sex dolls doesn't mean there aren't rules. Oh, Igor, noooooo....

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