Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gobble, Gobbledygook

Color image site here. For b/w image link (and punchline) see item 5.

What is there to swamp my attention despite the sludge-bound shallows of bad art? Plenty.

1) The Brazilian lady who thought her cat had given birth to puppies has been disproved by gene testing. If such a thing could happen, it probably would have already, given the hordes of stray and fertile domestic animals roaming around. Her generous kitty probably took three abondoned puppies to nurse, something not at all uncommon in history. For her cat to save three tiny lives rather than proving herself a floozy to one Fido makes this a triumphant outcome, right?

2) Via the Grumpy Old Bookman, the Publishing Contrarian lists examples of cringe-worthy book jacket copy for some well-known, award-winning books. She points out that this is, in itself, an art form at which many practicians stink up the joint.

3) Fret not, fans of the fuzzy. When informed in media reports that the creatures would be extinct in 25 years, biologists who study polar bears were surprised, too. Especially since their data largely show stable, even expanding populations.

4) Demanding respect and recognition as Britain's 4th largest religion? Jedi Knights.

5) Has the face of London's infamous Jack the Ripper been revealed? Using the 118-year-old statements of 13 witnesses, a Metropolitan Police analyst created an image of what the prostitute-killer is believed to have looked like. However, scientists still need to explain to my satisfaction the space-time continuum that makes it possible for 19th-century murders to have been committed by 20th-century rock icon Freddie Mercury.


April said...

Oh poor Freddy. I love Queen. How I miss him and his great voice and grand poofterness.

I used to date a Queen-freak guy who swore up and down that Freddy wasn't homosexual, Freddy had a really hurt him when he found that, well...Freddy liked men.

I feel compelled to post something now. Thanks!?

Lynne W. Scanlon said...

Henway, thanks for linking up to The Publishing Contrarian!

Lynne AKA The Wicked Witch of Publishing