Monday, January 10, 2005

Perhaps this will be the last tsunami post for a bit...

In two separate stories today, we have more meteorologists/seismologists in Thailand and the U.S. who knew about the incoming wave, but had no way to get the information to the affected areas.,,SB110530853574920997-email,00.html,,SB110530955443821007,00.html?mod=opinion&ojcontent=otep

This second article has more information about the Earth Observing System which may get funded and staffed for international use because of the events of Boxing Day.

This is what makes me saddest- not God's "vengeance" but that we experienced a "perfect storm" of inefficiency, ignorance, and callousness that multiplied the miseries suffered.
Last post is the story about lagging Indian relief efforts (though they refused international assistance). The shrewd author wonders how the Indian gov't can supply clean drinking water to all tsunami victims when half the people don't have it normally.,,SB110530917343121001,00.html?mod=opinion&ojcontent=otep

I don't mean to be one-sided, includng only WSJ pieces, but they've got some great summary from their international bureaus today.

I vow to learn how to make a pretty link, where you don't have to see the convoluted address, just a cute summary word.

What will I comment on if not pointing to other people's eloquent bashing of the U.N. and the avoidability of this "act of God?" I hope to find out myself.

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