Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Fake Degrees Rampant at DOD?

As a person rejected by a highly-regarded institution of higher education for a Masters' degree, I can't claim to be unbiased. I wanted the Masters' to teach someday. Someday, I may try again to get it, although the institution to which I applied was a stretch given my background and probably not the best fit for my temperament or talents. I could've done better on the essay, too. Happy? I've disclosed. All that said, the rejection had me surfing online diploma mills, fantasizing about the ease of short-circuiting the process and even the education that comes with it, too. They acknowledge my life experiences! They recognize I'm more than just my stats and application materials! No, I couldn't sell myself on anything that another web surfer could identify as shinola in .2 seconds in the Googlesphere. Besides, I'm the kind of jerk who actually hopes to be improved ( or at least entertained) when I make sizable investments of time and/or money.

I have yet another axe with the decline of scholastic rigor and the increase in hyperbole coming from prestigious institutions. Still, they're better than nothing aren't they?

This article from Reason not only describes how top U.S. security officials have bogus degrees subsidized by taxpayers, it also highlights how one of those computer specialists "lost" subpoenaed documents in the Lewinsky (remember her?) scandal. This employee's husband was Secret Service at the time. Hmmmm....

How do I get me one of them there Fud- oops, PhD- degrees?


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