Sunday, January 09, 2005

How to make a tsunami more deadly

According to WorldNet Daily, this poor canary was trying to paper the coal mine with leaflets, because no one would listen to his warnings about the eminent quake.

This is exactly what I mean when I say we aren't helpless. (See My First Post re: God holds the bag) This geologist was ignored while other regional agencies decided not to alert citizens of the quake for fear of disruptions to tourism. The breadth and depth of this tragedy lies in great part with us humans. In this case, believing that the body count exploded just by happenstance while humans did their best is a fiction. There were widespread, significant failures here which may have led to thousands of extra deaths. I hope once the most desperate needs are met and rebuilding is well underway, there'll be time to discuss how this shortsightedness and corrupt governance in this part of the world doomed its citizens.

Looking to the future: For mindblowing accounts from anonymous U.S. foreign staffers about the efficiency and mindset of both the U.N and these local governments regarding relief efforts read

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