Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Writing... No, But Way Cool Items

I was overwhelmed today by the arrival of my (factory outlet refurbished) PalmOne Tungsten C and (free bonus) portable wireless keyboard.

Now, anywhere I find a hot spot, I can surf and e-mail with the built-in 802.11b. I can input using Graffiti and the stylus, the thumb board, or by docking it onto the light, portable keyboard for full-size data entry (no extra batteries required). The portable keyboard accordions back into an impervious rectangular shell about the size of the PDA itself. With the two, I'm a traveling computing machine using less than the space of a Grisham paperback. Added to the package is the Documents to Go program which allows me to view and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint docs on the fabulous color screen and then sync them up with my laptop.

The whole mess was less than $300. This combo puts big FUN in functional.

Here's what I got and there are links to the freebies. If this rig makes me more productive, does spending today setting them up and testing it out count in the plus column?


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