Monday, April 11, 2005

Not Bad At All

I'd hoped to revise four chapters today, but for a writer and editor of my speed, that was a pretty lofty goal. However, I finished two and sent them out by evening's end. Not bad, really.

And here are the things from which I turned away. The worldly things with which I did NOT become distracted.

Gorgeous Pictures of the Cornish Coast:

Discussion of questionable fashions at the Royal Wedding:

Tiger's Amazing Masters Win:

A summary of the increasing incidence of college students pelting the opposition:
Perhaps you've considered it's simply pranksterism when it's a coed throwing a pie at a media pundit. How would it strike you if it were angry Muslim youth egging a female politician at a Jewish memorial celebration? Still funny, ha- ha?

Columbia's puling response to the vitriolic anti-Israel classroom rhetoric and hostility to pro-Israel students by MELAC faculty:

And I was NOT derailed by the sunny fineness of the day, though I did give the deserving dogs a long walk. And I did NOT drag the camera out to capture my favorite city trees on the cusp of blossoming. And I did NOT pick up groceries or return malformed light bulbs or any of the other miscellania that could have frittered away my hours.

I've successfully detached. Whee! Still, I'm out of half and half for tomorrow's coffee.

The residual glow of accomplishment is tempered by the dread of needing multiple productive days chained together to make a book.

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