Friday, March 25, 2005

Onto other business

We can't sacrifice the rule of law which protects us all over a single injustice. We can only fight like crazy to correct it, and failing that, prevent it from happening again. Regarding Terri Schiavo's immenent death, Captain Ed summarizes the call for now-illegal interventions and explains their futility. He echoes my state of mind today. As he says, "It's time to cool the passions and start praying for mercy."

Revisiting another disservice to the realization of human potential, Max Boot dropkicks one of my least favorite American institutions: tenure.

The primary practical effect of tenure is to make universities almost ungovernable. The people ostensibly in charge - presidents and trustees - come and go; the faculty remains, serene and untouchable. This helps to explain some of the dysfunctions that mar big-time universities, such as the overemphasis on publishing unintelligible articles and the under-emphasis on teaching undergraduates.

Read it all here.

Now, the tough questions. What can be done to fix it? And who would have the will?

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